A crisis response-relief and early recovery program.

Throughout our program, we will encourage the beneficiaries to have both in-person and/or virtual meetings with us as well as other volunteering women worldwide, as they settle. We believe that talking with other like-minded women will encourage and help them overcome the shock and emotional imbalance.

Phase 1

We have already identified a small group of women that would immediately benefit from this fund. Once we explain certain conditions, mainly the objective of our mission and the individual expectations of the program, we will move to.

Phase 2

We will find them a modest but comfortable place to live and provide them with the basics as well as an allowance for groceries. If applicable, we will also provide resources for their children’s education – it is, after all, our children who will need the most nurturing to face growing up in a post-war nation.

Phase 3

After the beneficiary has regained her strength, we will encourage her to join the team to engage and help other refugees during these difficult times.

See a Families Budget

A Families Budget

The following is an example of current basic living needs in Warsaw, Poland.

  • $1,000 – rent/month
  • $200/person/month per diems 

To accommodate a family of five (2x Adult Women + 3x Children) in an apartment with groceries for one month, we are estimating $2,000 USD/month.

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