To support entrepreneurial women who have had to flee their homes because of this unjust war resulting in the complete loss of their businesses and finding themselves with little to no money as they are now refugees in different countries. We wish to create a fund that will help provide these women with at least one month’s worth of financial support along with easing the mental stress they are enduring while their men and loved ones who had to stay behind live the perils of war. We strongly believe once these like-minded women are a little more settled – just like our middle sister is now – they will become helpers for other Ukrainians in need.

At this time we are centering these efforts in Warsaw, Poland where our own Mother and middle sister are joining us in this endeavor/venture.


As a result of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, our middle sister Sofia, an entrepreneur herself, had to flee the country and seek a safe place for our Mother, Grandmother, herself and her five year old son. They are all currently safe in Warsaw, Poland. This forced her to not only leave her bakery business in Kyiv – a business she started and has been developing into a flourishing one since she was 19 years old – but to also leave her husband behind who is currently volunteering alongside our Father, helping safeguarding other women and children who are still stuck in danger zones.

Once safe in Poland, we knew we needed to move quickly, so we decided to launch our UWRF page within our Father’s current non-profit organization, International Center of Fatherhood (ICF), to which he has dedicated the past 19 years building and along with his team, they have made waves of positive impact socially in Ukraine, USA, and around the World.

We are sisters Roza and Alisa Marchenko. Roza is currently living in Los Angeles, California working as a producer alongside her husband. Alisa is an acclaimed contemporary artist currently and conveniently living in Warsaw, Poland, and has already a head start aiding women and children refugees in need.

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Entrepreneurial women, with their business acumen and problem-solving demeanor, will more naturally step up and help other more fragile women and children get situated during these times of extreme duress.

While thankfully there are dozens of organizations and funds coming to aid Ukraine in many different sectors, we want our fund to focus solely on safekeeping the women we have known growing up who have lost their small to midsize businesses and their entire life’s work and savings.

These courageous women will be the pillars of the rebuilding of Ukraine.

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